Liz Nagle:

I am a Human Being who likes to share the lessons I’ve learnt on my journey to here and now. My work is inspired by the wisdom of The Tao (Lao Tse), The Guides (Paul Selig), The Gene Keys (Richard Rudd), and The Work (Byron Katie) to transform personal suffering and create profound change within and without.

My purpose:

According to the Gene Keys, my Purpose is to move from Conflict to Peace through the path of Diplomacy (Gene Key #6). This Gene Key really resonates with me and, with hindsight, I see that my life has been moving me in this direction all along.

My thesis is that “There is only ME”, “I am the creator of my own reality”, “Everything in my reality happens relative to where I´m at”. Anyone who knows me is sick of hearing me repeat this ad nausium, but as there is only ME, obviously I´m the one who needs to keep hearing this message so that perhaps someday the penny will finally drop, I will embody it and simply BE.

To this end, I am planning a series of Workshops to provide myself the opportunity to keep repeating myself to any other Beings who are on the same path and are interested in co-creating a reality based in Truth, taking Radical Responsibility for our own contribution to the conflicts we encounter and experience in our lives.

I hesitated to call it a ´Workshop´ because we´re not going to be DOING very much. We´ve all DONE so much already, no? Lots of courses, workshops, talks, read hundreds of books, watched all the videos, and have our own ´Spiritual´ teachers that we follow, practices that we do, etc. etc. etc. Well, this isn´t going to be that kind of Workshop. It won´t require Thinking, so much as Feeling. It won´t require Doing so much as Being. It will be Heart-based for sure, but in truth this is Corporeal – an INNER-WORKSHOP.

This INNER-WORKSHOP requires a willingness to change and a preparedness to surrender – to drop our defences and realize our TRUE-SELF: a BEING of Compassion and loving kindness; knowing an inner Peace that radiates through us, transforming our relationships, and our world.

How do I Serve:

I provide One2One sessions to guide you through personal challenges to help gain clarity and allow your INNER PEACE to emerge.

Every 2 weeks I host Satsang at my home, which is a lovely informal gathering of like-minded people to share a little meditation and contemplation, discussion, support, laughs and tears, plus a little food. Get in touch if you’re in the locale.

My services are offered in a spirit of FAIR EXCHANGE. Donations are welcomed and appreciated.


WhatsApp messages: +34 626738922


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